Your Lie in April Filler List – Complete Episode Guide

Your Lie in April is a beautiful romantic Anime series that ran for a very short period of time back in 2015 and ended in the same year. During this short time, a total of 23 episodes were released.

If we talk about the filler episodes in the series, there are none. Your Lie in April has zero reported fillers, although the series does contain a few mixed episodes.

What is Your Lie In April?

Your Lie in April is a romantic musical Anime series. The story revolves around the life of a young and talented pianist, Arima Kosei who loses her ability to play after her mother dies in a tragic accident.

But her life takes a turn when she meets an inspirational violinist, Kaori Miyavano. He helps Arima in overcoming the dark thoughts that haunt her from her past. The journey they both take on is extremely beautiful with every moment filled with emotions, drama, and suspense.

Is Your Lie in April Worth Watching?

Absolutely! Your Lie in April is hands down one of the best romantic Anime series you will ever watch in your life. Thee Anime is filled with Love, emotions, suspense, and excitement to keep you at the edge of your seat, guessing what would happen next.

The emotional moments and dialogues are sure to melt your heart. The animations and storyline is perfect to keep you hooked for hours.

Episodes contributing very little or nothing to the original Manga storyline as they are part of the Anime but not the Manga.
that are not part of original manga but consists a very small part of it.
These episodes are totally Manga-based with no extra addition of their own.
Episodes that are Manga-based but consists a very small addition of filler.

Check Out Our Complete Episode Guide

Your Lie in April doesn’t have any filler episodes, so you can just go ahead and enjoy this beautiful Anime without having to worry about fillers coming in the way.

But the Anime does have some mixed episodes along the way, our complete episode guide has got you covered. We have sorted all the episodes according to the time of release and marked all the episodes with their episode type.

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Quick List

Manga Canon Episodes
0, 3-11, 13-21
Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes
1-2, 12, 22

Your Lie in April Filler List

0Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso OVAMANGA CANON
1Monotone/ColorfulMIXED CANON/FILLER
3Inside SpringMANGA CANON
6On the Way HomeMANGA CANON
7The Shadows WhisperMANGA CANON
10The Scenery I Shared With YouMANGA CANON
11Light of LifeMANGA CANON
12Twinkle Little StarMIXED CANON/FILLER
13Love's SorrowMANGA CANON
14FootstepsMANGA CANON
16Two of a KindMANGA CANON
18Hearts Come TogetherMANGA CANON
19Goodbye, HeroMANGA CANON
20Hand in HandMANGA CANON

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