5 Reasons Why Valheim is Better than Rust – Valheim vs Rust

The main difference between Valheim vs Rust,  Valheim was recently released for early access on steam on 2nd Feb and it has already taken the whole world by storm, selling over a million copies, receiving insanely positive reviews from the players around the world, making it one of the most popular survival games of all time, taking over one of the most popular survival title Rust!

But is Valheim actually better than Rust? In what ways is it better than Rust? And most importantly is it worth buying? These are the questions that I’m going to be answering in this short comparison guide by going over 5 Reasons why Valheim is better than Rust.

What is Valheim?

Valheim is a vast open-world multiplayer survival game, where you play as Vikings, set in the fictional fantasy world of “Valheim” with the task to eliminate the rivals of Odin, the Allfather of Vikings!

You start off in the heart of Valheim with nothing at all and you need to go with your primal instincts to get food, build shelter, defend yourself from the evil beasts around you and best of all, you also get to bash their heads off!

With that, Let’s talk about what actually makes Valheim Better than Rust?

PvE Gameplay

While Rust, rust focuses mainly on the Player versus Player gameplay where strong players prey on the weak players and wreck them just for fun, Valheim does the opposite. The Game’s more focused on a co-op, player-versus-environment combat system, where you can play along with your friends in fight against the rivals of Odin, which eliminates one of the most frustrating part of survival games.

Great for New Players

The second thing that makes Valheim stand out is, unlike most survival games like rust where you spend hours or even days building expansive forts and collecting crates-worth of materials only for it to take away from you in minutes, literally minutes if anyone decides to hunt them down or attack your base all while you are taking a nap. Really??

I know it was kind of what made games like Rust stand out but it just gets too frustrating with time. And Valheim shows exactly, how much more satisfying the whole survival games Genre can be without this but that’s not all.

Control over Gameplay Style

Valheim doesn’t take the whole Player-v-player gameplay away from you and throw it in the bin. But it lets choose between the PVP and PVE gameplay. The players can simply toggle between the two which is great for new players, who want to take things slow and learn the basics before getting into a fight with high-level players roaming around the world, preying on the weak souls.

Have a Life (Literally)

Another great feature that makes Valheim Stand out from Rust, is the ability to get away from the game, which might sound stupid. I mean, after all, these are just games, right?  Well if you have ever played rust, you’d know that once you start playing rust and get deep into it, building your base, crafting your rides, making deadly weapons, and other stuff. You’d want to protect them all the time, you can’t just leave the game for hours and come back expecting that everything would be fine.

I mean they even got an app that sends out notifications when someone tries to invade your space and steal or attack your base, just so you’d come back to protect it. Now many people actually do like that but personally, I think it’s a bit too much.

More Awesome Stuff to Come!

Last but not the least, Valheim is still in its early stages and According to the developers, the early access will be up for a year or so to collect as much feedback from the players as they can to ensure that only the best version of the game is released with additional content such as different biomes, improved crafting system, new weapons and character customization depending on the player’s feedback.

So, there is a lot happening for Valheim right now and even in the early access, Valheim has made a huge impact on the gaming market especially in the survival genre and we would have to way to wait for another year or so until the final release, which could be expected by the start of the year 2022. Probably in the first quarter.

Should You Buy Valheim?

If you are still confused about whether or not you should buy this game? I would definitely recommend you do so and become part of an ever-growing community that is only just starting to grow.

Valheim is already on the path to becoming one of the best games (in all categories) on steam with over 360,000 concurrent players and counting.

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