The Seven Deadly Sins Filler List – Complete Episode Guide

The Seven deadly Sins or Nanatsu no Taizai is on of the most popular on-going anime series by Mangaka Nakaba Suzuki. The Seven Deadly Sins anime started all the way back in 2014 and so far, a total of 78 episodes have been released with no end date announced yet.

If we talk about the filler episodes in this anime series, The Seven Deadly Sins anime has a very low percentage of fillers. The anime has a total of 4 reported fillers out of the 78 episodes, which makes it around 5% of the whole anime series.

What is The Seven Deadly Sins Anime?

The Seven Deadly Sins were a band of knights from Britannia who disbanded after plotting to overthrow the Liones Kingdom and become the rulers. Despite the fact that they were supposedly defeated and killed by the Holy Knights, rumors persisted that they were still alive and hidden somewhere. Ten years later, the Holy Knights staged a coup d’etat and seized the king, establishing themselves as the kingdom’s new tyrannical rulers.

The Story revolves the third princess, Elizabeth, who sets out on a quest to locate the Seven Deadly Sins and enlist their assistance in reclaiming the lost throne.

Are The Seven Deadly Sins Fillers Worth Watching?

Now there is no fixed answer to whether or not the filler episodes in The Seven Deadly are worth watching or not. It actually depends your your taste, many anime lovers don’t want to watch the filler episodes as they break the smooth flow of the storyline while not contributing much to it, while others love to have the fillers in between as they give more depth to the character and background story.

Episodes contributing very little or nothing to the original Manga storyline as they are part of the Anime but not the Manga.
that are not part of original manga but consists a very small part of it.
These episodes are totally Manga-based with no extra addition of their own.
Episodes that are Manga-based but consists a very small addition of filler.

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Now whether or not you want to watch the filler episodes or avoid them out right, we have made a list of all the episodes in The Seven Deadly Sins anime arranged according to their release date and marked with the episode type to make it easier for you to get started with this awesome anime series.

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Quick List

Manga Canon Episodes
1-19, 21, 23, 31-78
Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes
20, 22, 24, 29-30
Filler Episodes

The Seven Deadly Sins Filler List

#Episode TitleType
1The Seven Deadly SinsMANGA CANON
2The Sword of the Holy KnightMANGA CANON
3The Sin in the Sleeping ForestMANGA CANON
4A Little Girl's DreamMANGA CANON
5Even If You Should DieMANGA CANON
6The Poem of BeginningsMANGA CANON
7A Touching ReunionMANGA CANON
8The Fearsome PursuerMANGA CANON
10Vaizel Fight FestivalMANGA CANON
11Pent-Up FeelingsMANGA CANON
12Bloodcurdling CannonMANGA CANON
13The Angel of DestructionMANGA CANON
14A Reader of BooksMANGA CANON
15Unholy KnightMANGA CANON
16The Legends, ProvokedMANGA CANON
17The First SacrificeMANGA CANON
18Even If It Costs Me My LifeMANGA CANON
19The Fairy King Waits in VainMANGA CANON
21The Looming ThreatMANGA CANON
23Despair DescendsMANGA CANON
25The Dark Dream BeginsFILLER
26Our Fighting FestivalFILLER
27In Pursuit of First LoveFILLER
28The Shape of LoveFILLER
29Revival of The Demon ClanMIXED CANON/FILLER
30Existence and ProofMIXED CANON/FILLER
31Sacred Treasure LostvayneMANGA CANON
32The Ten Commandments on the MoveMANGA CANON
33Overwhelming ViolenceMANGA CANON
34The Great Holy Knight Atones For His SinsMANGA CANON
35Where Memories LeadMANGA CANON
36The Druids' Holy LandMANGA CANON
37A Promise To A Loved OneMANGA CANON
38What We LackedMANGA CANON
39Father and SonMANGA CANON
40Where Love is FoundMANGA CANON
41Farewell, Beloved ThiefMANGA CANON
42Master of the SunMANGA CANON
43A Bloodcurdling ConfessionMANGA CANON
44Death-Trap MazeMANGA CANON
45Legendary FiguresMANGA CANON
46For Whom Does That Light Shine?MANGA CANON
47Meliodas vs the Ten CommandmentsMANGA CANON
48Pursuit of HopeMANGA CANON
49Certain WarmthMANGA CANON
50Return of the SinsMANGA CANON
51The Hero Rises!MANGA CANON
52As Long As You Are HereMANGA CANON
53The Light That Disperses DarknessMANGA CANON
54Memories of the Holy WarMANGA CANON
55Let There Be LightMANGA CANON
56The Ten Commandments vs. The Four ArchangelsMANGA CANON
57Emotional MaelstromMANGA CANON
58We Call That LoveMANGA CANON
59Deadly Sins Unite!MANGA CANON
60The Doll Seeks LoveMANGA CANON
61The Cursed LoversMANGA CANON
62The Life We LiveMANGA CANON
63The Hateful Cannot RestMANGA CANON
64Love is a Maiden's PowerMANGA CANON
65The Almighty vs. the Greatest EvilMANGA CANON
67To Our CaptainMANGA CANON
68The Seven Deadly Sins EndMANGA CANON
69Our ChoicesMANGA CANON
70March of the SaintsMANGA CANON
71The Holy War PactMANGA CANON
72Child of HopeMANGA CANON
73Beginning of the Holy WarMANGA CANON
74War-torn BritanniaMANGA CANON
75The One Twisted by DarknessMANGA CANON
76Rampaging LoveMANGA CANON
77From PurgatoryMANGA CANON
78A Meeting with the UnknownMANGA CANON

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