5 Pro tips to Rank Fast in CSGO

The system of ranking in CS: GO is an essential part of the game. It encourages gamers to improve their skills and achieve higher levels. Every CS: GO player may make errors and encounter certain problems attempting to reach a better level.

To understand the mechanics of the game, players have spent their precious years in the game and looking at all that experience earned and things learned by those pro players, we have collected 5 major tips that are going to help the players achieve bigger and better.

1. Focus on learning CSGO Team-Play basics

Communication among teammates is one of the most essential elements to ensure your win which is definitely going to add up to a better ranking in the game. Share information about positions or other game playing specifics, since it is very useful to the entire team and especially to you.

But make sure that you don’t spam and mention only the necessary stuff. Your team leader may propose where and why the team should travel but a team should get updates from all teammates to choose the best option. Going all self-focused isn’t going to do you any good. Teamwork is the key.

2. Keep a strong note of Minimap Positions

For any CS: GO player, it is necessary to keep a constant minimap check. Do it every 15-20 seconds. Or even better, once every 5-10 seconds, the more often you do it the better. Knowing where your allies are positioned and where your enemies might be is a good way to strategize your play.

3. Practicing spray patterns

CS: GO virtual weapons work super similar to real-world guns. This is why every weapon in the game has a distinct spray and recoil pattern. That gives us a straightforward statement: if you wish to fire a certain weapon well, you have to learn how to handle its specific properties, such as spray patterns and offsets.

4. Keep the Weapon till the End

Don’t stop till dead is the line that most pro players live by. But you should occasionally pause, and take some time to figure things out that matter. Because it costs money, and the economics of CS:GO isn’t the simplest, we recommend that you take care to use or better say to lose your weapon simply to ensure you don’t exceed precious CS:GO currency.

5. Practice Strafing

Proper position offers you a shooting edge. If you wait on the place for the adversary, examine all the locations for the entry. Don’t simply sit and gaze at one place, shift the camera and be ready for quick access.

Strafing in the straight shootout would be a good thing. While staying and shooting more precisely may be preferable, strafing may make you an uncomfortable target to hit. However, if you aren’t very good at shooting, learn how to shoot correctly and accurately first, and learn strafing only afterwards.


These are just of the many things you need to get a better grip on to become a better CSGO player. But the thing is, don’t fall for the ranks, just take it at your own pace, be consistent with your gameplay style and more importantly have fun in the game because that’s what matters the most!

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