Is Valorant Slowly Killing CSGO?

Valorant is a first-person shooter (FPS) that recreates the classic game in which two teams of five players must take turns planting and defusing a bomb. Alternatively, one side may eliminate the other by killing all of the opposing players over the course of many offensive and defensive rounds. The gameplay style is comparable to that of CSGO or Call of Duty’s Search and Destroy mode.

But what many FPS gamers have started to wonder is “is Valorant killing CSGO?”. There seems to be a lot of players moving from CSGO to Valorant according to the data but many think that Valorant is just “short time” while CSGO will remain the crowned king.

However, according to the data, it’s worth noting that the bulk of Valorant’s pro players have come from other FPS games like CSGO and Overwatch, with some even switching from Fortnite. By far the most people switching games is CSGO; presently, approximately 90% of pro players in the Valorant scene are ex CS players.

There are a variety of reasons why gamers move to Valorant, let us go through some of the major points. The first is from before June, when Valorant was still in closed beta and completely dominated Twitch viewing, with over a million concurrent viewers nearly every day.

There was a lot of buzz around Riot Games’ new tactical shooter, Valorant, and with a business like Riot behind it, it’s no wonder that the viewing numbers for Valorant’s first week on Twitch were massive. Riot Games is best recognized for its highly popular League of Legends, perhaps the most popular MOBA game on the planet right now. It’s been a mainstay of the esports sector for over a decade, and Project A was first revealed as part of their special 10-year anniversary celebration last year. Riot has earned billions of dollars and achieved incredible success with only one game, which is crazy to consider. Because League of Legends is so famous and has such a devoted community of players and ecosystem around it, the business strategically utilized its 10th anniversary celebration to push Valorant’s discovery to the world.

Aside from its overwhelming popularity, another reason why Valorant appeals to gamers is that it is a contemporary version of a beloved classic. Valorant takes the foundations of CS, which have been loved by players for 20 years, and adds its own spin. Agents are a cast of individuals in the game that all have their unique personalities, dispositions, and backstories. Each Agent is from a different nation, with voice lines that correlate to various languages and dialects.

Some professional players, such as Tarik “tarik” Celek, who now plays for Evil Geniuses in North America, and ex-CS:GO pro turned streamer Michael “shroud” Grzesiek, who has been caught stating the game is dead on many occasions, have voiced dissatisfaction with the game’s relevancy. However, CSGO still has a dedicated fan-base with a huge number of players who are loyal to the game. CSGO still has the classics of the competitive title and I wouldn’t consider it dead yet or anytime soon.

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