Is Daybreak Season 2 Finally Getting Released?

An official article on November 18, 2019 of the release of the second season of Daybreak TV show was released. This article was again reorganized on June 20, 2021 telling us about the cancellation of season 2 of the series. This phenomenal post-apocalyptic comedy-drama is based on a comic book written by Brian Ralph, an American cartoonist with the same name of the book as Daybreak.

What is this comic and the TV show about?

Generally, every series based on a comic book is corresponding to its counterpart, but in this series, we find that both the book’s style and the series are nowhere the same. If you want to know then you will have to go through the book and series to check it out. Once you read it, you will grasp the idea that the book is more tragic than its physical embodiment. But it would be alright to say that both the series and comic are evenly engrossing.

This series is worth watching as the production team has done a fantastic job and has put a very profound effect on all of the characters. While in the plot of this series, the story goes like this, there is a 17-year-old boy named Josh Wheeler, who is a transfer student. Josh is a high school teenager, always seen alone and is constantly bullied. Surprisingly he has a girlfriend whose name is Sam Dean and she has gone missing in post-apocalyptic Glendale, California. So this boy has decided to find his missing girlfriend. 

During his quest, he encounters a sloppy group of weirdos, which also includes Josh’s former high school bully Wesley, a would-be pacifist samurai, and 10-year-old pyromaniac Angelica. 

Daybreak series’ casting includes Sophie Simnett as Samira Dean (Josh’s girlfriend), Matthew Broderick as Michael Francis Xavier Burr, Colin Ford as Josh Wheeler, Alyvia Alyn Lind as Angelica green, Austin crute as Wesley Fists, and many more compelling characters.

Is it Getting a New Release?

Sadly speaking, this TV series which gained a high level of popularity among others of its genre, it is really upsetting for us to know that the creators of Daybreak have pronounced not to resume it anymore. According to the official statement made known by Netflix in 2019, Daybreak has come to an end after the first season. So, no friends, there will be no second season of the series coming. 

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