Black Clover End Date Announced

There have been many speculations about the end date of one of the most popular anime series of all time, which begs the question “Is Black Clover really Ending?”

Unfortunately, Yes it is as the officials have announced this news on Twitter that the Black Clover will have its final episode released on March 30.

Now, this really is heartbreaking for all of the black clover fans around the world and it might even come as a shock to many but the rumors were there, and not it is confirmed that the anime adaptation will be ending with its last 170 episodes and another announcement will be made by the officials.

Will Black Clover be back?

Well, the good news is that this might be temporary as the anime is “too close” to catch up with the manga story which also means that we will not be seeing much of the filler episodes as there will be no more episodes getting aired for an indefinite amount of time until we hear it from the studio.

There is still time, however, as there are 9 more action-packed episodes to go and we all know that the story is just getting better and better with more drama to come!

Want to Watch Black Clover without Fillers?

Black Clover, despite the fact that is ending (for now) without any doubt, is still one of the best anime you will ever come across filled with action, emotions, drama, and everything you want to see in an anime.

Now as for the fillers in Black clover, it has a total of 163 filler episodes and if you are like most anime lovers, you would probably want to skip the filler episodes and get to the actual manga story which if you do, make sure you check out Black Clover Filler List with complete episodes guide to help you watch Black Clover with or without the fillers!

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