Cowboy Bebop Filler List – Complete Episode Guide

Cowboy Bebop is a futuristic Anime series that started all the way back in 1998 and ran for over a year till 1999. During this short lifespan, a total of 26 episodes were released. It was a major hit all around Japan at the time of its release.

Now as for the fillers, It wouldn’t come as a surprise that Cowboy Bebop has zero filler episodes considering the Anime is not based on a pre-existing Manga which makes it completely unique and stands out on its own.

What is Cowboy Bebop?

Cowboy Bebop is a futuristic Anime series set in a post-apocalyptic world. The story revolves around the adventures of a crew of bounty hunters known as the cowboys, who are responsible for maintaining the law and order in a state where lawlessness has increased.

These cowboys hunt down the outlaws on their super cool space ride “Bebop” to keep the peace in the state.

Is Cowboy Bebop Worth Watching?

Cowboy Bebop, despite the fact that it was released decades earlier, still remains one of the best anime series to watch as it comes with a whole package full of comedy, drama, epic fight scenes, emotions, and thrill. Many Cowboy Bebop fans consider it to be a must-watch Anime as it is unique and takes you on a roller coaster ride where one moment, you might be laughing and other, getting emotional.

Also, the Anime doesn’t have any fillers, so you don’t have to worry about annoying episodes that draw your attention away from the original storyline.

Episodes contributing very little or nothing to the original Manga storyline as they are part of the Anime but not the Manga.
that are not part of original manga but consists a very small part of it.
These episodes are totally Manga-based with no extra addition of their own.
Episodes that are Manga-based but consists a very small addition of filler.

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Quick List

Manga Canon Episodes

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So, if you haven’t watched Cowboy Bebop already, We highly recommend you do and to help you get started with the Anime series, we have made a complete episode guide with all the episodes arranged according to their release date.

Cowboy Bebop Filler List

#Episode TitleType
1Asteroid BluesMANGA CANON
2Stray Dog StrutMANGA CANON
3Honky Tonk WomenMANGA CANON
4Gateway ShuffleMANGA CANON
5Ballad of Fallen AngelsMANGA CANON
6Sympathy for the DevilMANGA CANON
7Heavy Metal QueenMANGA CANON
8Waltz for VenusMANGA CANON
9Jamming with EdwardMANGA CANON
10Ganymede ElegyMANGA CANON
11Toys in the AtticMANGA CANON
12Jupiter Jazz (part 1)MANGA CANON
13Jupiter Jazz (part 2)MANGA CANON
14Bohemian RhapsodyMANGA CANON
15My Funny ValentineMANGA CANON
16Black Dog SerenadeMANGA CANON
17Mushroom SambaMANGA CANON
18Speak Like a ChildMANGA CANON
19Wild HorsesMANGA CANON
20Pierrot Le FouMANGA CANON
21Boogie Woogie Feng ShuiMANGA CANON
22Cowboy FunkMANGA CANON
23Brain ScratchMANGA CANON
24Hard Luck WomanMANGA CANON
25The Real Folk Blues, Part OneMANGA CANON
26The Real Folk Blues, Part TwoMANGA CANON

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