Black Clover

Black Clover has a very unique story, filled with thrilling adventures, comedy, set in a magical fantasy realm of Clover Kingdom. The manga was illustrated and written by Yuki Tabata and the anime adaptation of the manga was produced by Pierrot and released in the year of 2017.

Black Clover Plot Summary

The story focuses on the life of a young boy Asta, who was born in the kingdom called the Clover Kingdom where apparently everyone was born with magic but it wasn’t the case with Asta, as he is the only one who doesn’t have any kind of magic. Asta was abandoned by his family when he was born along with his brother Yuno, who unlike Asta was born with extraordinary magical powers.

Even though Asta was born without any magic, he aspired to become the greatest wizard in the kingdom one day, on the other hand, his brother Yuna had the same dream (with the magic of course) and so started a friendly rivalry between the two to become the greatest wizard of all. During their age ceremony, they both got their Grimoire, Yuna obtained the four-leaf legendary grimoire while Asta obtained a rare 5 leaf grimoire which can be hardly recognized by others.

Both filled with hope to become the greatest wizard, join different squads of the Magic Knight to train and work their way through the ranks to achieve the first place as the Magic Emperor and so starts their journey to fulfill their dream, filled with thrilling adventures, comedy, emotions, and challenges.

Is Black Clover Worth Watching?

Absolutely, it is one of the most popular Shonen anime series of recent times and anime lovers from all around the world are loving it. So, we would definitely recommend you watch this series if you haven’t already. Black Clover has a total of 161 episodes filled with thrilling adventure and as far as the filler episodes in this series are concerned, there are only 17 fillers in total making around 11% of the anime series which is very low compared to much other anime series out there.

If you want to know more about the canon and fillers episodes in Black Clover, check out the Complete Episode guide that we have made to help you get started with Black Clover Filler List.

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