Top 10 Best Websites To Watch English Dubbed Anime

Being popular as much as Netflix series, Anime is entertaining as heck. It is liked by everyone, not only teens watch them but adults find them interesting as well. Anime has various genres with slice of life, horror, drama, fantasy, comedy, action and many more. 

It has a great variance of unique characters and storyline making it hype all over the internet. No perfect characters exist in anime, if they do there is a complete plot point to be proved about it.

 It is truly astounding to infuse with different cultures and anime teaches us about Japanese, Korean, and Chinese culture. Such a source of entertainment is very apprehensive for people. What hinders people from watching anime is their production in Japanese language. 

A large number of fans have adapted themselves to watch subbed anime. But for those people who are unable of frequent reading subs and watching visuals simultaneously, they can enjoy English dubbed anime now and be a hardcore fan of it. 

Now fans, you don’t have to pay or spend hours to search for anime websites. There are a number of websites offering free English Dubbed anime streaming to enjoy all our favorite anime series whenever we want. Below is the list of top ten free anime websites which offer ENGLISH Dubbed anime. 


This anime website offers all anime series, manga, differentiated into seasons, genres, and all time popular shows. Not only has these but also entertained us with a large number of Asian dramas. This website is user friendly and one can access it from anywhere around the globe. 

It also provides the latest news about anime series and a premium version of this website is also available for our anime fans. With so many pros this website has some cons as well, which is its annoying ads. One can enjoy anime uninterruptedly if they go for a premium subscription. 


This website has a large platform with advanced options of search filters. It doesn’t only streams all genres of anime but offers to watch all animated movies as well. This website has very fast loading, we can watch anime online or download them in HD quality from here. 

The website provides anime with English dubs and subs as well. One can also create an account on the website to manage the anime list according to their favorite ones. The only con of this website is that it’s not accessible on every device. 


Can’t deny the fact, this website has everything an anime world has to offer. All of the anime series are found here, no matter how old but it will offer you all of them in HD quality with both Subbed and Dubbed versions of anime. 

This website can be accessed worldwide with different streaming servers. Fans can also find Chinese anime on this website. It’s a completely free website to enjoy all popular shows with a download option as well. 


The 9anime website provides only best quality content with 1084p anime and movies. Though this website provides subs and dubs but download option is not available on it.  You don’t need any registration to watch anime on this website, it’s completely free, while most of the intros are cut off from the videos on this website.


This website is one of the most preferable website all over the world. It stands on the top when we talk about the features like, speed, ease of use, loading, content and reliability. It offers HD quality with very smooth streaming if the connection is good. 

It has both subbed and dubbed versions of anime whereas downloading is not available from this website. One can also set themes from light to dark and bookmark their favorite anime to directly watch them whenever they want. 


On chia-anime you can watch any season or episode of anime as soon as it airs. This website has both English subs and dubs for all popular anime, offers downloading for offline viewing and has a user-friendly search. 

The navigation through this website is very easy and the interface allows you to search anime in different categories. But for watching anime here you need to register yourself first. 

Anime planet 

As the name suggests this website is nothing but a whole globe of anime. From series, manga, anime database, recommendations to reviews, it has all in one. If you are lacking some good anime suggestions, this website will give you a handful of those. 

Not only anime and movies but it also has a wide range of popular anime and manga. This website is accessible on all devices and worldwide with HD streaming and gives a perfect view with no pop up ads.


This website not only provides the best quality anime and manga with both English subs and dub versions but it also has a community of its own. In the community you can read reviews about anime, latest anime news and join clubs as well, where you can find similar interests with other people. A smooth streaming website with every requirement of anime fans. 


This website is different from all other websites as it has its own video features. This website has a wide range of anime, animated movies and other entertaining stuff as well. Here one can watch videos in a good quality and also comment on them. You can tag or share each other’s videos.  Though the streaming is free but accessible to only a few areas which are USA, Japan, Taiwan (China). 


Lastly, a heaven for all anime fans. This website with worldwide access enjoys a good reputation with its users. It offers the longest database of anime and movies for free. Dubbed is a completely separate option in this website. 

The video range quality is between 720p to 1084p with a very smooth streaming and easily defined genre filters. A bonus for this website users is that it has less pop up ads. It’s an online streaming website, and doesn’t allow downloading.


Congratulations! Now you know the top ten websites that will offer you to watch anime with high quality, less pop ups, English dubs and most latest series with free access. Go click on any one of them and start enjoying your favorite anime for the day. 

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