Best Naruto Movies of all Time

Sacrifice, Hatred, Solitude, Suffering, Pain and Despair. Naruto is said to know all of them. Naruto is basically a Japanese manga, anime and a character with the same name created by a Japanese manga artist Masashi Kishimoto. This anime created a big hype on the internet and went viral, becoming massively more known worldwide than Japan only. It was known as the best anime of the decade. 

Believe it or not, it is still the most watched ninja anime ever. The longest running shonen-manga started making films to add to the adventure of this marvellous anime franchise. Though the movies don’t have a huge number, most of them are huge hits. For those fans who have watched anime only, there is a whole new level of enthralling adventure in the movies to be seen. 

Here is a list of these big screen popping movies rated as the best Naruto movies ever according to IMDB. 

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Boruto: Naruto the movie (2015)

A Marvelous work for fans. The movie Boruto is covering the first arc of the Boruto series taking it to the next generation. One of the highest ranked naruto movies with (7.9) rating is actually a very stunning and popular movie where naruto has become a hokage of hidden leaf village. Now Boruto who has inherited the will of Naruto has to take over the place of his father. 

Meanwhile Boruto is taking training from Sasuke to free his father Naruto, who was captured by the Otsutsuki clan to claim Kurma in order to make a chakra fruit for their immortality. No fan wants Miss Boruto, it’s definitely worth watching. 

 Road to the Ninja; Naruto the movie (2012)

The movie Road to the ninja with (7.7) rating is a very fascinating movie with a dynamic plot in which Naruto and his friend Sakura are thrown into a parallel mirror world by a foe where they meet their deepest dreams. Both were aware of the fact that they are living in an illusion and 

Naruto had to break the spell on the night of the red moon by attempting to awaken the nine-tailed fox. That night was full of spectacular ninja battles between a nine-tailed fox and a subtler foe Madara from Akatsuki Clan. The story is addressed in an impressive manner with every necessary past flashback to grasp the tail. Most of its fans claim it was definitely an enticing movie ever. 

The last: Naruto the movie (2014)

Of all the other action packed  movies, this one with (7.6) rating packs quite an emotional punch for all of its fans by targeting the love story between Naruto and Hinata. In the movie, Hinata’s sister is kidnapped by Toneri of the Otsutsuki clan to forcefully get her byakugan. 

An immediate rescue was called by Naruto and Hinata, accompanied by their squad Sakura, Sai and Shikamaru to reclaim her. The movie ends with a genuine realization of Naruto and Hinata’s feelings for each other giving this movie a credit to show a love story which was long awaited by the fans. 

Naruto Shippuden: the Blood Prison (2011)

A teenager being sent to a dark place called Blood Prison creates such a vibrant scene for viewers. Having (7.3) rating the movie starts with assassination on 4th Raikage and allegedly Naruto was said to be the one behind it, though Tsunade knew his innocence. 

A big help was done by Naruto’s friends for proving the false arrest. The story highlighted many appearances around Naruto Neji, Temari, Sand Ninjas and some other characters missed by the fans. Overall the movie has a great engaging plot. Must watch!

Naruto Shippuden: the movie (2007)

Marking the beginning of the shippuden movies, this movie not only follows Naruto but a whole bunch of characters, forming a team and backing up Naruto. With (6.9) rating, this movie has one of the very captivating storylines where a villain from a certain village with a motive of destroying the world revives a Moryo named demon. 

However a priestess Shion has the power to seal the demon but prophesies the death of Naruto in the process. Naruto’s friends back him up to fight and protect Shion. On the contrary Naruto has to find a way to seal the demon, revert back prophecy and save the world. This movie is likely to be one of the most favorite for the fans.

Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The Will of Fire (2009)

As the name goes, this movie covers both the emotional and action genres alongside each other. The name will of fire with (7.2) rating gets the fans to witness deep thoughts of characters and their inherited power as well. As the plot goes, the ninjas with Kekkei Genkai powers begin to disappear from every village but konoha, which aroused the suspicions of other villages for konoha expecting to lead to 4rth great ninja war but the truth was utterly something else. 

When Naruto got the wind of the situation that his village is going to get punished only on the basis of pure suspicion, he along with his friends tried to catch the real culprit who was a guy named Hiruka. He was stealing the ability of kekkei genkai ninjas to become invincible and the last thing remaining was Kakashi’s sharingan at which he almost had his hands on but the heroes came just in time and served us the great action fight ending. Although there are some cliches, this movie has a great plot setting. Highly recommended. 

Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Bonds (2008)

This movie with (7.0) rating carries some amazing Naruto and Sasuke fight scenes. The movie is all about the attack on the Konoha village that involved a group of people from the land of sky. Taking revenge for the destruction of their homeland during “Second Great Ninja War”. Naruto is asked to carry out a mission of an escort and make plans to fight a zero-tailed beast. 

He is helped by his friends and Sasuke to stop the destruction of Konoha involving a great battle. The way they sync with each other in those fights and have flawless powerful abilities is said to be the most engaging action for their fans. 


So, this was an adequate preview of some of the finest top-notch listed movies of Naruto Shippuden series with great cinematography, action and captivating storyline leaving the watchers in awe. I can absolutely say that these will always remain the best Naruto movies by which anime fans can ever get delighted.

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