Top 5 Best Dragon Ball Villains in History

There is no doubt that Dragon Ball Z has reigned over the era of Japanese anime for a long time since its production. The main feature of this series is that it has the most captivating fights between different warriors from the whole universe. 

The heroes as well as the villains, both have got the fans flexing over their supreme powers. Well everyone can talk about the heroes but here we are taking you on a journey of introducing top 5 greatest villains of Dragon Ball Z saga. 


When we talk about the most iconic villain in the history of Dragon Ball Series, Frieza stands at the top of the list. He is an intergalactic villain, an alien of the Dragon Ball Z world, who is sworn enemy of Saiyans. He is the longest lived villain in the Dragon ball Z anime franchise. Frieza is considered the most powerful, callous and dangerous villain in the universe. This cold-hearted villain has destroyed civilizations, planets and was intending to destroy The Earth. 

Being the best example of a vicious villain he relished the fact. This emperor also destroyed the Saiyans’ existence ruthlessly, letting a few live. He introduced Super Saiyan transformation in the series later. Frieza also provoked this legendary transformation in Goku when he brutally killed Krillin and Vegeta. Frieza was not only an evil tyrant but he had enormous power. With every new unlocking gear, his power rose to a higher level, to signature his golden Frieza form.

Compared to the legendary powers, Goku and Frieza were the strongest in the universe.  No matter how many times he was defeated, he kept coming stronger than ever. He is the only villain capable of barbaric destruction and to reign the terror across the whole universe. 


Most furious fighter in DBZ history is none other than the Cell. Many of the fans like Cell as one of the mightiest villains in the series. Even Android 17 and 18 weren’t anywhere near his destructive powers, when he developed into his true form. 

He had a very unique ability to suck up the living forms and increase his own power. He was made from DNA of powerful beings of the universe like Frieza and cold king. 

Cell knew the moves of all Dragon Ball Z fighters, inheriting the traits from all races that made him almost an inevitable villain. He was the only biological villain prepared in doctor Gero’s laboratory who himself was a famous villain. 

His perfect form wasn’t even defeated by Goku. Cell nearly reached the victory when he encountered Gohan. Their fight finally awakened Gohan’s hidden powers and he became Super Saiyan 2 which meet the end of this ferocious villain. 

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Majin Bu

The most notorious and infamous villain of all time in Dragon Ball Z universe is Majin Bu, even kais were terrified by him. This childlike, pink colored creature, with a crown on his head was so powerful that once he is awakened he becomes immortal. He is the only villain who is unkillable because of his demonic powers. 

This devastating demon was created by an evil wizard Babidi and his servant Dabura to wrack the whole universe and then rule it. Bu was made an invincible villain who could swallow the whole warrior taking his own power and appearance to the next level. He was a true form of pure evil, going on destroying planets after planets. 

Goku couldn’t stand him alone in the fight though he had Super Saiyan three form. In the time of Bu, fans get to view something new from the series. A fusion between two Saiyans, Goku and Vegeta which marked the defeat of Bu. 


The prince of all Saiyans with imperial pride and rage of defeating everyone he meets. He is the only badass villain Goku has ever faced. He not only fights with his body but with speeches too. The wrath within him and his menacing looks defines his position in Dragon Ball Z. This villain made a huge havoc on earth going on destroying everything coming in his way.

Vegeta is known to be a Saiyan like Goku. When he planned to destroy earth, Goku stopped his way and made him fall to his defeat with his legendary Kame-Hame-ha.  Unable to accept his defeat, he wanders in the far universe. 

Having the thought of defeating Goku every time, he pursues for power through harsh trainings, unaware of giving birth to darkness in his heart to get strong again which was later used by Babidi to reincarnate Majin Buu and he stood again to face his ever favorite rival Kakarot (Goku). 


The legendary Super Saiyan, the pinnacle of Darkness and the only Saiyan who makes Saiyan fathers proud by his supreme power and God like physique. With that personality Broly becomes the most dangerous creature. Once the aggressiveness occupies his mind, he becomes the most violent beast. Goku, Vegeta and Gohan altogether sunk in fear when they realized his capabilities as a Saiyan. 

He single handedly took all Z- warriors and played as a proxy villain though he was taken down by Gogeta eventually. Most anime fans wanted a complete saga of this villain as he was one of the Saiyan race.  


These were the most incredible villains of Dragon Ball Z who made the series one hell of a mesmerizing voyage through and through. Best heroes are recognized when they fight heinous villains and this anime has some of the best antagonists which makes it a unique series among others.

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