All You Need to Know About Battlefield 2042

The popular military themed first person shooter is back again with the latest futurist title and the game is definitely going to be bigger than ever. Battlefield 2042 is set to be released by Electronic Arts on October 22nd on all the main platforms. The game takes place in a time not so ahead of right now, where the massive shortages of basic resources like food and water has resulted in a war between USA and Russia that has ravaged the whole world.

The Battlefield series has bested the Call of Duty franchise for a long time, be it modern world shooters games set during the world wars. Now the battlefield is moving forward in being a better franchise in a futuristic world too. The game is as promising as it could ever be, with stunning visuals and action. Gamers all around the world are really hoping for a chartbuster. The 2042 setup is really the evolution of the franchise and it is exactly what the fans want.

Battlefield 2042

One big thing about the game is that it is said to be solely multiplayer with no campaign or a single-player storyline. However it is definitely going to set whole new standards for multiplayer first person shooters as Battlefield 2042 features maps supporting up to 128 players simultaneously and half the total number on reduced map sizes too.

The interactive environment and dynamic weather mechanisms are another plus for the intensity of the game as you are going to experience environmental hazards like sandstorms and tornadoes during a match too.

Battlefield 2042

The game includes both the basic modes offered by any other multiplayer first person shooter, conquest (two teams competing to capture points on the map) and breakthrough (one team attacking a location and other team defending). EA has talked about another high stakes mode that is going to be really intense called Hazard Zone, it will be squad based but we don’t know anything else about it yet. However there is sad news for battle royale lovers and that is: No, the game will not include a battle royale mode in it. Battlefield has always been famous for its intense action, be it on foot or behind the wheel of tanks and jets.

The developers have mentioned how the game would include storytelling elements with different options in the multiplayer game to give it a narrative as it doesn’t really include a single player storyline.

The gameplay footage that we have seen has really got us all hoping for much, and I have a gut feeling that the game is most probably going to deliver it all. The gameplay included a scene where the player is swinging past cranes with some kind of grapple hook. It seems like a sign to tell us how the game is going to include different types of new tactical situations for us to get used to.

The vastness of maps is another big thing to be excited about. From cities buried in sand to Antarctic tundra, Battlefield 2042 just has it all from rich maps to a huge variety of weaponry. Another big thing that we have noticed is the in-game weapons customization and the vastness of the kinds of vehicles that you can have fun with. Everything just seems so on point that I can’t really wait to get my hands on the game. According to EA Dice, all these new elements are featured in the game because this entry in the franchise is going to be more of a Sandbox approach unlike the previous games and I am sure this idea is going to make it BIG!

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