Top 6 Latest Anime Cosplays for Female MCS

Anime is the latest name for Japanese plays for children and adults. We look upon various new ideas while looking on for specific plays and animations. The Japanese views are some new trends for society. These anime displays are much more addictive in the Japanese Disney version. They depict the characters so beautifully that the actual texture of the message being delivered through a play is conveyed. These anime cosplays comprise some Japanese characters but, being famous worldwide, it is renowned in Italy, the USA, and the Philippines, even casting more Italian stars

Now we will look at some topmost anime cosplays for female MCs.

Sakura Kinomoto:

The character with a short auburn hairstyle, big emerald eyes, and brown hair is the most attractive version of an anime series. The fictional character and the heroine is the main protagonist of the series Cardcaptor Sakura. The love interest of Syaoran Li, she is a bubbly, cheerful, and lovely character who is an athlete and dislikes math and ghosts. She has some innate magical powers and strengthening abilities that focus and build up the cosplay character.

Erza Scarlet:

The secondary antagonist in the cosplay of Edolas arc of series’ Fairy Tail ‘. The epithet earner of a fairy tail hunter is the sadistic and more callous person. An attractive woman of average height with long scarlet hair has been the dominating part of the series of Fairy Tail. She is an awkward, strict, and impatient character which causes more reluctance from her guildmates. Her magic form includes Requip, which means she can swap from the clothing and armor, which is her equipment, for the techniques she uses. 

Nami Cosplay girl:

The young and beautiful girl is a part of the cosplay One place anime and Manga. She is a vibrant and exciting character with a zeal for energetic ideas. She has undoubtedly the best willpower, which makes her a strong character. She does not seem unclear about her ideas or is a low-esteem cowardly character. Truly an embodiment of a girl’s ideal life. She is a navigator, manipulator, and treasurer in cosplay.

Android 18 Cosplay:

A girl with short blonde, tiny hair is a remarkable character in the anime series. Well, I suppose you all have heard the name of Dragon Ball Z. If yes, then bounties, and if no, it is a must-watch. Dr. Gero’s strong creation is a complex character. She stands uniquely in the series, a ruthless killer with outstanding strength and developed character. With an infinite supply of energy, her power level is above 9000. 

Tsunade Cosplay:

Tsunade Senju is a part of the famous series Naruto. She is the 5th Hokage and one of the great Sannins of the village. One of the world’s best kunoichi and beliefs in dreams a lot, she uses her strengths against her enemies. She is one of the giant ninjas of the world. Although she is in her fifties, shown in the series, it is to utmost anxiousness to see her transformation done by herself as a Ninja. It has left her fans with joy and excitement towards her character. Being one of the most robust characters, she has some unlimited healing powers, solidifying her character. Being a descendant of Senju and Uzumaki, she is related to Naruto as an aunt, a lovable and lively character.

Sakura From Naruto:

Sakura Haruno, the biggest name of the Naruto series. The most lovable, energetic, and supportive character to Naruto. She is loved by her nature and splendid energy, which she dives into her work. She has short pink hair, green sparkling eyes, and fair skin. Not being from a specific ninja clan, she was not taught Hiden Ninja clan. Tsunade is the best-shown trainer for Sakura, as she trains her the main techniques for the Ninja clan. She was believed to be the stereotypical character, the most praised and criticized character. Although being the protagonist of the series, she is the most underrated and underestimated character. She is loved, admired, and well known by her fans. Her bonding with Sasuke has been another topic of interest for Naruto lovers. Even Sakura and Sasuke have been used as an ideal for depicting love affairs.

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