Akame Ga Kill Filler List – Complete Episode Guide

Akame Ga Kill Filler List, Akame Ga Kill is one of the popular action-packed anime series adapted from the original Manga by Takahiro. It started back in the year 2014 and ended in the same year but during this very short time, Akame Ga Kill successfully aired a total of 24 episodes.

As for the filler episodes in the series, Akame Ga Kill has a low percentage of fillers with 5 reported fillers from the total of 24 episodes in the series.

Are Akame Ga Kill Fillers Worth Watching?

Now if we talk about the filler episodes and whether or not you should watch them. We would like to point out a few things before you make up your mind about the filler episodes. The fillers in Akame Ga Kill are worth watching in a sense that they tell a different story from the Manga that you might not want to miss out as it makes more sense to the ending in the Anime adaptation.

The fillers do keep up with the rest of the action-packed episodes but if you are Manga-only guy, we totally get it. So, if you want to avoid all the fillers in the anime and follow the Manga storyline, check out our episode guide down below.

Episodes contributing very little or nothing to the original Manga storyline as they are part of the Anime but not the Manga.
that are not part of original manga but consists a very small part of it.
These episodes are totally Manga-based with no extra addition of their own.
Episodes that are Manga-based but consists a very small addition of filler.

Check Out Our Episodes List

Now if you have decided to skip or watch the Akame Ga Kill fillers, in any case we have a made complete episode guide for you to get started with this amazing anime series. All the episodes are arranged according to their release date and marked by their episode type to make it easier for you to go through them.

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Quick List

Manga Canon Episodes
Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes
Anime Canon Episodes

Akame Ga Kill Filler List

#Episode TitleType
1Kill the DarknessMANGA CANON
2Kill the AuthorityMANGA CANON
3Kill Your CaresMANGA CANON
4Kill the Imperial Arm UsersMANGA CANON
5Kill the DreamMANGA CANON
6Kill the Absolute JusticeMANGA CANON
7Kill the Three -Part One-MANGA CANON
8Kill the Three -Part Two-MANGA CANON
9Kill the Lust for CombatMANGA CANON
10Kill the SeductionMANGA CANON
11Kill the Mad ScientistMANGA CANON
12Kill the NewcomersMANGA CANON
13Kill the NuisancesMANGA CANON
14Kill the Giant Danger BeastMANGA CANON
15Kill the Religious OrganizationMANGA CANON
16Kill the DollsMANGA CANON
17Kill the CurseMANGA CANON
18Kill the DemonMANGA CANON
20Kill the CarnageANIME CANON
21Kill the DespairANIME CANON
22Kill the Little SisterANIME CANON
23Kill the EmperorANIME CANON
24Akame ga Kill!ANIME CANON

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